PowerGrass Hybrid System

Hybrid turf PowerGrass combining natural grass with synthetic reinforcing fibres , durable, easy to install and maintain at a competitive price.

  • natural ball bounce and control
  • playable surface during rainfall,
  • less frost: synthetic fibres don't allow ice formation, high porosity of topsoil facilitates the thaw and the backing coverage retains the heat on the root zone,
  • all the advantages of natural grass for a fresh, non-abrasive playing surface,
  • lower construction costs of an artificial pitch,
  • reduced maintenance costs, equivalent to synthetic grass

The Powergrass concept

Powergrass is a complete hybrid grass concept, not a simple carpet to be buried in sand, the synthetic element of the system is available for play and also protects the natural grass, not only against premature failure but aids speedy regeneration; Powergrass is fully integrated with natural grass creating a true hybrid.

Powergrass has been designed to be installed either as a full construction system or can be laid over an existing pitch, giving more flexibility in design and cost. So when you choose Powergrass you can be assured that the Powergrass system will work in harmony with your specific ground type, maximizing the potential of the pitch and the player.

A key factor is that Powergrass has overcome the traditional issues of a hybrid system being very hard under foot. The softness of the Powergrass surface can be adjusted to suit the use of the field by altering the quantities of additives within the growing medium. For the pitch, this new concept reduces the need for decompaction treatments but more importantly for the player, there are improved shock absorbency levels, reducing physical injuries and fatigue.

Another key benefit of Powergrass is pitch stability, torn and ripped surfaces are a thing of the past, the unique backing allows root establishment from day one, anchoring the system to the underlying soil providing unrivalled stability.

Powergrass changes the traditional concepts of natural grass ‘fitting in’ with a synthetic system, Powergrass is designed and engineered by Agronomists and Sports turf consultants and installed and maintained by natural grass experts, ensuring the needs of the natural grass and player are the priority.

With reduced regular maintenance, Powergrass can sustain up to 20hrs of play per week challenging fully synthetic fields for durability, but retaining the preferred playing characteristics of natural grass.

About Powergrass

Powergrass s.r.l. is based in Milano/ Northern Italy and founded by Dr. Niko Sarris, inventor and agronomist of the Powergrass concept. After his practical experience in the natural grass sports industry since 1994, the Powergrass concept was fully developed in 2011. Added with his experience and knowledge from the golf industry, the target was to create an innovative hybrid system which is fully integrated with natural grass.

"My inspiration was to develop a high quality surface, normally reserved for top professional sport and deliver this surface to clubs at all levels of the game enabling all players to have a far improved experience, a better and safer game is now possible for all. Natural grass and synthetic turf are in perfect symbiosis therefore, in just 4-6 weeks of growth, the system is ready to support an extremely high amount of playing hours that will meet all expectations," Niko Sarris stated.

"With installations at Bisham Abbey, Regents Park and Derby County, not to mention installations across Europe, 2017 is proving to be exciting time for Powergrass, people can now experience the system first hand and we are expecting good growth in sales”

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Sutton United FC

Sutton United FC
We are delighted to have partnered with Agripower to supply our brand new pitch which was laid over the Summer following our historic promotion to the EFL at the end of May. The team at Agripower did a tremendous job replacing our previous 3G surface with a POWERgrass hybrid pitch in a very tight time frame such that we were able to host Football League matches in August. Feedback from all users has been terrific and we thank everyone involved at Agripower for their support and hard work throughout a very busy Summer and Autumn. They have been a pleasure to work with since day one.

Adrian Barry
Vice Chairman

World Class Football Surface in hybrid grass Powergrass

PowerGrass Hybrid

Bisham Abbey is home to three state-of-the-art football pitches, one 3G synthetic turf field, one injected hybrid grass field and one natural grass field, which are frequently used by professional national and international teams as well as local clubs and colleges.

It was early this year that Sport England appointed Dr Iain James from the sports surface consultancy TGMS to oversee the tender and construction process to up-grade the existing natural grass field with the innovative new Powergrass system, a synthetic turf and sand based rootzone integrated with Geofill PW.

Leading sports surface contractor Agripower Ltd was delighted when they secured the project after the tender process led by TGMS Ltd (Sports Pitch Consultancy)

Director,Graham Longdin commented

"We are honored to have been selected to install the first Powergrass system at this prestigious site. Having originally seen the Powergrass hybrid concept in Rotterdam in 2015, we actively contributed to improve the system, now resulting in higher density of synthetic fibres that can provide a consistently playable surface!"

PowerGrass™ An innovative hybrid turf system which combines natural turf and synthetic grass fibres and is the best solution to meet the market demand for a natural grass playing surface which is wear resistant, durable, easy to install and maintain at a competitive price.

PowerGrass™ increases surface stability, hours of play compared to natural grass and is a viable alternative to a synthetic grass pitch. PowerGrass™ will meet all your needs in terms of hours of use during the playing season whilst offering greater safety of the playing surface and vastly increased comfort for a wide range of users.

A PowerGrass™ installation has recently been installed at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. This facility could be made available for you to inspect or even for you to hold a free hour long training session for coaching and playing staff.

If you are considering refurbishing an existing natural grass area or even considering a complete new construction we are the people to contact. We will happily arrange a no obligation site visit to include a full site assessment. Following this we will be able to produce and provide you with a detailed specification for a new build or resurface PowerGrass™ system based around your existing site conditions including detailed quotations.

PowerGrass Hybrid Installed at Bisham Abbey