Football Pitch Construction

Natural Football Pitch Construction

From greenfield site to finished pitch we can construct the surface to suit your needs. With the use of sports turf intensifying the right construction, drainage and maintenance is essential to create a good playing surface that will last for many years.

Agripower have been constructing football pitches for over 40 years. Our approachable, cost conscious and timely service is achieved by a combination of a highly skilled and experienced workforce and the most advanced machinery and modern techniques used within the Industry.

Whether your project includes bulk earth moving, ground stabilization, fine grading & laser leveling, primary & secondary drainage or cultivation & seeding we are here to help.

3G Artificial Football Pitch Construction

As artificial sports turf becomes increasingly used in all aspects of sports, 3rd Generation artificial turf and the latest sand filled and sand dressed surfaces are becoming the obvious alternative to natural turf. Professionals are demanding the highest standards from their sports facilities which have resulted in many top sports clubs choosing 3rd Generation synthetic sports surfaces for their academy & training pitches.

Acceptable playing characteristics of 3rd Generation artificial turf and newer synthetic sports surfaces are closely monitored by sports governing bodies such as the IRB, FIH, FIFA and UEFA which proves that they perform similar to that of a high quality natural turf surface.

A 3G artificial football pitch usually has a pile height of between 40mm - 65mm.

Once installed a layer of sand and then rubber is placed at the base of the fibres, which not only acts as a shock absorber but also adds greatly to the playing characteristics.

  • Synthetic football turfs have soft, non-abrasive fibres that resemble grass in colour and feel, with superior durability and playing qualities
  • Synthetic turf holds the ball well, giving players control over ball roll with complete freedom of movement in sliding tackles

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