Natural Turf Sports Pitch Construction

From greenfield site to finished pitch we can construct the surface to suit your needs. With the use of sports turf intensifying the right construction, drainage and maintenance is essential to create a good playing surface that will last for many years.

Whether a large development or a village playing field, Agripower Ltd offers the same high level of advice and service to create or improve your sporting facility. Our knowledge, experience and attention to detail enhance our reputation as leading football and rugby pitch builders.

Originating in the 1960's from a background in agricultural land drainage, Agripower has taken these specialist skills forward into sports turf, amenity, environmental and conservation projects. We have entered the 21st century as a leading nationwide expert in sports pitch construction, sportsturf land drainage, renovation and maintenance, environmental and conservation projects and agricultural land drainage.

Our approachable, cost conscious and timely service is achieved by a combination of a highly skilled and experienced workforce and the most advanced machinery and modern techniques used within the Industry.

Sports pitch drainage

Drainage is of paramount importance and all our Mastenbroek trenching machines are purpose built for all sports and amenity areas. They are lightweight, running on tracks to considerably reduce surface damage.

Laser grading is fitted to ensure accuracy or pipe laying. Elevators convey all excavated soil into a trailer, eliminating surface contamination. A maximum of 1.4 meters is obtainable, with a variable trench width ranging from 80mm to 250mm.

Once installed, trenches are back filled with 6-10mm aggregate and topped up to the surface with a selected sand or a sand/soil mix. The result is a clear playing area which can be used immediately.

Drain spacing can be varied to accommodate different soil types and the requirements of any particular sporting activity.

As leading land drainage contractors and specialists in sports pitch drainage, we are members of the Land Drainage Contractors Association (LDCA), and have substantial experience and expertise in the requirements of producing a variety of sustainable drainage systems.

Experienced sports pitch builders, we aim to use our extensive sports turf drainage experience and knowledge to help create and maintain the best playing surface for you.

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Sports pitch maintenance Stone Burying Merchant Taylors School

Case Studies:

  • Merchant Taylors Independent Boys School

    Merchant Taylors Independent Boys School

    Agripower Ltd were selected via a highly competitive tender process to carry out the re-development of the sports facilities at Merchant Taylors Independent Boys School.

  • BOSC Cricket Ground

    BOSC Cricket Ground

    The BOSC Cricket Ground in Hampshire is currently undergoing a large construction project and Agripower are proud to be part of it.