Artificial Hockey Pitch Construction

Sand Filled Hockey Pitch

A Sand filled hockey pitch is a popular choice amongst schools and recreational areas due to its durability and versatility. The grass fibres are kept upright by the sand infill. The surface is perfect for hockey but can also be used for multi sports.

Sand Dressed Hockey Pitch

A sand dressed system is only partially filled with sand. This system is often chosen by professional and amateur hockey clubs, schools, colleges and universities.

Water Based Artificial Hockey Pitch

Water based artificial turf surfaces have no sand infill between the pile fibres of the carpet and is therefore sometimes called 'no fill artificial turf'.

This superior grade of pitch is primarily used in the majority of the elite hockey pitches. It has a very high density of artificial grass with no sand infill giving a consistent ball roll and bounce. The pitch is fully irrigated with a layer of water which results in an extremely fast and professional game. Due to the absence of sand, the blades of artificial grass are free-moving which enables players to get their hockey stick under the ball. This allows for a technical game with many possibilities.

The water layer in the hockey pitch has a Low Slide Resistance (LSR) and shock absorbance properties for excellent player safety. Unlike some sand based hockey pitches, the surface will remain soft even at low temperatures thereby reducing the risk of friction burns. The water also has a cooling effect and provides a protective layer between players and the pitch.

Case Studies:

  • Cheltenham Ladies’ College

    Cheltenham  Ladies’ College

    Cheltenham Ladies College is known as being one of the country’s top independent girls’ schools so it's of no surprise that we were delighted when we recently got the go ahead to refurbish there all weather hockey pitch.

    The works included the replacement of the external sports pitch, including new playing surface, improvements to drainage, installation of retractable floodlighting, replacement of perimeter fencing, and improvements to surrounding hardstanding/ drainage.

  • Quorn Football Club, Loughborough 3G

    Quorn Football Club, Loughborough 3G

    Pitch Upgrade for Quorn FC - 3G FIFA Quality completed.