Lakes & Ponds

Lake Construction, fountains, pumping and control systems, decking, bridges, edging, rock work, water supply, landscaping, paving and construction – some or all of these may be what you require to complete a formal water feature. Whatever your needs, we can deliver.

Water management is important. As specialist lake and pond builders, Agripower Contractors will design, build, install and maintain:

  • Lakes, ponds and reservoir construction
  • Waterfalls, weirs, bridges and jetties
  • Reed beds and wetlands
  • Boreholes
  • Pumping and irrigation systems

From the creation of a new lake, which could be part of a larger project, to the rejuvenation of an existing lake, Agripower is an ideal choice to deliver a first class environmentally acceptable solution. We have the knowledge to handle all manner of problems and conservation issues, including de-silting, which may require specialist remediation processes, special treatment of reed beds, sedge and rushes and draining and preservation of fish stocks.

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