Sports Pitch Drainage

Lateral Drainage

A lateral drain can be installed in one operation. The spoil is collected, the pipe inserted and covered with gravel from our purpose built gravel hopper.

Lateral drainage systems can be installed under existing turf.  Our purpose built machinery cuts the turf and neatly rolls it to either side to leave the runs ready for the drain trenches to be cut. The drain is then installed and the turf simply rolled back into place, where it will quickly root back into the soil enabling the pitch to be used after just a few days.

Another technique is to completely remove a strip of turf along the run. The drain can then be installed and the turf replaced afterwards.

Sand Banding, Sand Slitting

Sand banding should be installed in conjunction with the primary piped drainage system to remove surface water quickly and efficiently from the playing surface to the drains below.

This technique enables maximum usage of the turf to be achieved during periods of inclement weather. Spacings are variable, depending on the sporting activity, soil type or financial constraints.

Sand band trenches are excavated 50mm wide to a maximum depth of 400mm, using our specialist disc trenchers, equipped with side elevators to carry away the excavated soil. The narrow trench width reduces the amount of backfilling material required, keeping costs to a minimum.

Sand band trenches are backfilled using hydraulically operated two-stage hoppers, which deliver an even layer of gravel followed by sand, compressed as it is installed to reduce settlement. Normal play can be resumed immediately.

Sand Placement

In addition to drainage and sand banding, or on a maintenance basis, sand placement and sand grooving operations are ideally suited for areas where heavy rise is envisaged and requiring the maximum drainage potential.

Equipped with oscillating blades, the Sand Placement machine injects sand or ‘Lytag’to a depth of 225mm at 1metre centres. The vibrating action helps to break up surface compaction and provide a connection to underground installations.

Sand Grooving

The Sand Groover provides an intensive series of surface drains at 200mm centres to a depth of 100mm. This is particularly useful in areas which receive heavy usage or where surface capping has reduced drainage capacity.

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Case Studies:

  • Rugby School

    Rugby School
  • Harrow School in-field development

    Harrow School  in-field development

    Following a highly competitive tendering process, leading sportsturf contractors Agripower Contractors were chosen to redevelop the Philathletic Sports Ground at Harrow School in Middlesex.